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 Tara Approx 7yrs old needs foster/home?

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PostSubject: Tara Approx 7yrs old needs foster/home?   Sun Nov 06, 2011 6:46 am

From Tara's mum

We spoke earlier today regarding the possibility of either a foster or permanent home for Tara my 7 year old GSD, due to my ex partner threatening to take her to the local dog pound within the next 7 days.

So some details about her:

We got Tara 5 years ago at 18 months old, We don't know anything about her history other than she was in boarding kennels for 6 months , She is a timid dog and when she first arrived did not bark for 6 months and often cowered at the slightest thing. She has subsequently blossomed into a most loving and loyal dog but still has the odd 'issue'.

- We have found that having tried numerous diets (Royal Canin, James Well Beloved, Hills etc) that a natural diet works best for her so she is fed raw meet (ie chicken wings, pork, beef etc and canned tuna or hot dogs as well as frozen mixed veg and rice)
- She has been wormed regularly
- She is prone to the runs if she isn't fed at regular intervals and/or she is upset or distressed. She has been checked out by the vets who cannot identify anything of any concern.

- Her health is generally good. In the time we have owned her she has only been to the vet to check her diet issues and for routine vaccinations. The last boosters were done at the end of September 2011.
- She is spayed
- Teeth and coat are fine, again she has regular flea treatment with stronghold on a monthly basis
- Only a small GSD weighing about 26/27 kilos

General Routine
- Walked twice a day. Once at lunch time for an hour/hour and a half and again in the evening for 45 minutes
- She is let out first thing in the morning for "wee wee's time" which she responds to!
- She is also let out again just before bed time at around 10.30pm for another toilet break
- She rarely chews anything and is happy snoozing in her basket during the day
- She has been walked with other dogs (dog walker at lunch time) but can be unpredictable with dogs she doesn't know or feels threatened by.
- In public areas she is muzzled when out walking
- Great at recall and will always respond
- Travels fine in the car

- Very territorial and is passive aggressive as she is nervous
- Can be prone to 'nipping' as a defence mechanism
- Not 100% trustworthy with other dogs or people unless she is introduced to them in a calm manner.

All in all this is a lovely, soft dog who is very loving. She is looking for a home where she is safe and looked after ideally until I can take her back in 6-12 months time.

If possible a home in West or North Yorkshire where I can visit her would be ideal but the home is more important than the location.

Thanks so much again for offering to help.

If you can offer Tara a home or can help in any way please contact:
07818 729486

Tara's story
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PostSubject: Re: Tara Approx 7yrs old needs foster/home?   Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:39 am

Tara is stunning !! Is she still waiting ?
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Tara Approx 7yrs old needs foster/home?
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