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 URGENT Teddy 13 mth GSD X needs experienced foster home

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PostSubject: URGENT Teddy 13 mth GSD X needs experienced foster home   Mon Jul 11, 2011 5:23 am

I'm cross posting this for John BIGGSD

Please can anyone help?! Experienced foster home must also be DOG/CAT AND SMALL CHILD FREE. URGENT for Teddy. Teddy is being returned to rescue, as his owners say they cannot cope. His adopters want him out in 2 weeks time. I've pleaded with them to give me more time to find a foster home, so he doesn't have to go into kennels (kennels will just mess his head up) But they won't give me more time.

Teddy is looking for a forever home, or foster home. He is currently still with his adopters, but we need to find somewhere for him to go to ASAP as otherwise he faces having to go into kennels. We feel kennels would be the worst place he could go, as it would cause a lot of stress to this already sensitive young dog.

Teddy is a 13 month old neutered GSD Cross. Teddy was adopted from the rescue 8 months ago but is sadly being returned as his adoptive home have said they can't cope with him.

Teddy is a beautiful and affectionate boy, but he can get over-excitable and he needs a calm and experienced handler to bring out the best in him. He has been over stimulated in his current home, so he needs someone who has knowledge of dogs of Teddy's breed and his age, to bring out the best in him. Teddy needs to go to a home as the only dog as he is afraid of other dogs and this causes him to be on the defensive around other dogs. He needs to be kept on lead when out and around other dogs, his current adopters aren't comfortable with keeping Teddy on lead. Teddy has been taken to training classes with twenty other dogs present. As can be imagined, this has unsettled Teddy further around them, and exacerbated the problem, given that he is afraid of other dogs.

Teddy has 'mouthed' fairly strongly a couple of times, but he has not bitten. Again, this is something that an experienced handler could help him with. He is not aggressive in any way towards people, and we can't stress enough that it was mouthing and not biting. But for this reason, we are looking for a home without children. Teddy would thrive with one person or a couple who don't have children, he is a very sweet but misunderstood boy who just wants the opportunity to be in a home that was meant to be for him. When he has that home, he will make the most wonderful and loyal companion for someone.

Teddy is housetrained, travels well and is not destructive.
Teddy is in the Cornwall area, but we can arrange transport.

If you think you could could foster Teddy, or offer him a forever home please email

Teddy's story
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URGENT Teddy 13 mth GSD X needs experienced foster home
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