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 Curry Night

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PostSubject: Curry Night   Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:34 am

I know times are very tough for people financially. It is hard to find extra cash to donate to good causes such as dog rescues.
Which is why I tried to find ways I could still donate to dog rescues. The following idea could actually save you money whilst also raising money for your favourite dog rescue. As this is a busy time of year for dog rescues they could really do with the extra funds.

I personally found that a good way to raise money was to put on curry nights for my friends. My donation would be to pay for all of the food and beers. My friends would all donate £10 each at the end of the meal which I would donate to dog rescue. You don't have to pay for all of the food yourself though. You could just take it out of the donations. Maybe just pay £10 towards the ingredients yourself.

The reason I chose to do curry nights is that is what I know how to cook curries well from scratch. You might be better at cooking something else. Maybe a Mexican night or whatever else you are good at.

My friends all thought it was a great idea. They get a cheap night out with all beer and food included for just £10. So everyone's a winner

It would be great to hear other peoples ideas in this section of the forum.
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Curry Night
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