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 My horrors

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Sheba's Mum


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PostSubject: My horrors   Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:32 am

Just over 11 years ago I went to the RSPCA kennels at Blackberry Farm in Aylesbury with my friend as she was adopting another rescue dog. As we wandered round the kennels before picking her dog up I saw the most gorgeous 12 week old GSD puppy all on her own. I rang my hubby to ask if we could have her - I knew as soon as I told him her name he'd say yes as his ex wife had made him get rid of 2 dogs with the same name just because they chewed her shoes & stuff that she'd left lying about. Evil or Very Mad
I dashed to the reception to fill in the form only to find the woman infront of me wanted her as well. Luckily she had young children & they wouldn't let her have the pup. It was fate that Sheba came to live with us & be my angel.

I was the only 1 that she would let pick her up.
We already had 2 labs but my girl Cassie was getting very old by then & as soon as Sheba walked in the house she decided she was the boss! She would hang off Barney's neck as they played & they had such fun.
Sheba & Barney:

Sheba now:

Sheba has been the best friend anyone could ever want & even though her legs are going now she still wants the ball thrown for her everytime she goes out in the garden.
After I lost Cassie we then took on Simba from the RSPCA. He'd been in foster for ages as people thought he was too big. My hubby fell in love with the picture of him & we went to meet him taking Sheba & Barney. He couldn't understand how Sheba kept getting HIS ball. Laughing She soon taught him who was boss & the 2 of them were soul mates. Sadly we lost him after nearly 3 years when he had a torsion on Xmas day. He came through the op but died on Dec 28th, his heart just gave way, leaving us all heart broken too. Sheba searched the house for him for 2 weeks.
The 3 of them in the woods:

As it was Xmas not many of the rescues were open but 1 person who was always at the end of the phone was John BIGGSD. He kept encouraging us not to give up & when Bob saw a pup he liked the look of John told us to contact the rescue & mention his name.
Kangaroo Jake:

We went to meet Jake & his foster family on New Years Eve. We took Sheba with us as it was her that would have to live with a new pup.
This is Jake after we put Sheba back in the car:

He wanted her to come back & play. Laughing
Jake can do no wrong in Sheba's eyes, he's her boy & she would defend him & us with her life in necessary.
All grown up:

A month after Jake joined our home I was talking to the woman who had fostered jake & she said she had another foster coming in that week, a little Irish girl. She sent me a photo & that was it. I dare anyone not to fall in love with this girl!

Sasha is the nortiest, most loving, affectionate girl I have ever had. She wants to be where I am, even if it's just the loo. Embarassed
She was my birthday surprise 4 years ago. My hubby had said we couldn't afford 4 dogs & when it was posted up that Sasha had a new home to go to I cried my eyes out. The day before my birthday hubby went off to work as normal, my daughter had a hospital appointment & then she wanted to go to Maidenhead Aquatics to buy me some new fish for my birthday. When we got home hubby was at the door - I thought he'd got the sack. Shocked My daughter said I had to do as I was told & they led me into the house, made me sit down & gave me a tiny box to open. In it was a star shaped dog tag with Sasha on it & then hubby opened the kitchen door & in trotted this tiny bundle of fluff.
Saying hello for the first time:

She loved having cuddles & will still try & climb on our laps even though she is 'grown up'.

She's much smaller than the others but what she lacks in size she makes up for with her love & affection oh & gobbyness. Rolling Eyes
We lost Barney to cancer & my daughter wasn't sure what breed she wanted next. She looked at loads of rescues & we went to see 2 dogs but they weren't right for her (she has severe arthritis so has mobility problems).
Then John sent me an email about a young shep that had been taken away from undesirables by the local dog warden. We contacted the lady who had sent John the email & she put us in touch with the dog warden. We went over to see the pup in the kennels & took Jake with us as he was the 1 that we needed to make sure would be ok with another pup coming into the house. She gobbed off at him & he told her off, from that moment she has been his slave. She loves him to bits.
Getting to know her new owner:

Gypsy has some issues with people coming into the house but as long as we shut her in the kitchen, get the people to come in & sit down & then we let her out she is fine.
When she first came she wasn't keen on having a fuss, now she's first in line to get attention.
The others have taught her that people can be good & that she has nothng to fear from us.
Sadly she has hip dysplasia & elbow displasia & had to go to see Noel Fitzpatrick refferals last month to see just how bad her legs are. £2,000 + later we now know. She will be on Carprodil for life to keep the pain away but it doesn't stop our brave girl from doing the same as the others. She plays, she comes upstairs & lays on the bed, she does what she wants to & if her legs are hurting she lays down & plays like that.
Sasha & Gypsy on our bed: Laughing

So, that's our story, here's all 4 of the dogs:

They really do get along so well. Sheba keeps them in line & has been a great teacher. I dread the day I have to say that final goodbye.

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PostSubject: Re: My horrors   Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:58 am

Those photo's are lovely. Beautiful dogs

It's clear that you love them to bits. I can see why, they look like big teddy bears.
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My horrors
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