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 Rules for posting in this section

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PostSubject: Rules for posting in this section   Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:07 am

If you are trying to rehome your dog privately. Either because you can't find a rescue that has space to take your dog or you would just rather rehome privately. You are welcome to post the details in this section.

Please don't offer your dog as `free to good home' or your post will have to be removed. If you give your dog away for free you are likely to attract the wrong attention. It's always best to charge a reasonable amount for your dog. If you feel bad about charging a fee you could always donate the money to an animal charity. Also remember that if the person can't afford the fee then they won't have enough money for a dog. Dogs aren't cheap and if they ever have any health problems surely you want the new owner to be able to look after your pet. Rather than having to put them to sleep because they don't have enough money to seek vet care.

Some people will look though the `free to good home' adverts to collect cats, kittens, dogs & puppies for use as bait dogs in dog fighting or they may well sell them on to research laboratories.

If you charge something for your pet it at least will give them some value. If they are given away for free you stand a much bigger chance of your pet falling into the wrong hands.

Please do not advertise puppies for sale anywhere on this forum.
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Rules for posting in this section
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