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 Rocky & Loofy - 4 years old

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PostSubject: Rocky & Loofy - 4 years old   Sun Sep 21, 2014 7:32 pm

Rocky & Loofy are both four year olds tat came into rescue earlier this year.

Rocky has a sable coat & is neutered.
Loofy has a bouncy long coat & is also neutered.
Rocky relies on Loofy quite a bit - he is quite a reserved dog

Both of them



This is what Mary from Pawfect Dog School had to say about them:

Lucy/Loofy is a lovely accommodating dog, inquisitive, aware and friendly. A nice looking dog with attractive marking, carrying some of the weight of the world on her shoulders.
Rocky hid in his bed area, very tentative, scared and worried, refusing to come to close clearly stressed when Lucy/Loofy left. I when back to his kennel and just stayed with him, no amount of treat helped, so with the help of Julie we brought back Loofy I was then able to get a lead on (retractable) he wanted to pull away and run, we took our time stopping at every fear point, eventually we got them both into a bigger run where they spend a couple of hours basking in the sunshine.
Rocky is very dependant of Loofy, he lacks confidence and is clearly shell shocked, bewildered and frightened.
Rocky is an extremely handsome dog looks nothing like his litter mate, clearly these two have bonded with each other I would suspect that has always been the case.
I have no doubt in time with patience and a lot of TLC he will adapt, despite his fear the trust he put in me was humbling he was scared but grateful, wanted to run, but wanted to come back, never once did his fear manifest in a reactive way, in fact when up close he was extremely gentle.

There was a moment before I left, the sun was shining they both lay side by side looking stunning............Rocky's eyes trying hard to stay open and then they closed for a short time.................for a moment of sleep............bless their sweet dear hearts.
Another massive BIG ASK please if you are serious and can accommodate both, please do consider, a lot more is to be known but from what I saw I don't think they'll ask to to much.

They have gone into foster with John in Chertsey, Surrey as they are losing weight in kennels and are clearly unhappy, but if there is anyone that can offer both of them a foster home please call 01932 571268 as John is full to bursting.

Since arriving with John all they want to do is play, play, and more play, will get more pics tomorrow when they have stopped bouncing around.

If you can offer these 2 beauties a foster/forever home please call John 01932 571268 or Sue Gibbons 01444 453 302.

Rocky & Loofy's story
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Rocky & Loofy - 4 years old
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