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 Rico - 14 months old male; black and tan

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PostSubject: Rico - 14 months old male; black and tan   Wed Jun 11, 2014 9:40 pm

This is what we know  about Rico :

Rico was spoilt in his original home and was starting to take charge, so he'll need a firm but kind home.
He's lived with children but is a little wary of strange men.
He's also been very well socialised with other dogs and so is happy, relaxed and playful with them.

He is currently in foster in Hertfordshire, unfortunately he is not getting on with one of the resident dogs. He is also not good with cats.

Here is what Andrea, who is currently fostering Rico, says about him:

Rico is extremely handsome, very clever, affectionate with his handler, motivated and keen to please, eager to learn and fast learner, very obedient when firmly guided, responding extremely well to kind, positive and non coercive handling, playful, can be left alone for up to 5 hours, clean in the house, extremely well-behaved at feeding time and has no issues around the food bowl, takes treats very gently, walks well in town ignoring most traffic and passing people calmly when given reasonable space, (close encounters are avoided at the moment), walking well in the country on long line, excellent guard dog.

He chases insects and birds and would definitely chase wildlife and other dogs if given the chance but he allows himself to be distracted from it and diverted onto something else. He has bad manners round some other dogs and can be confrontational.

Rico has made fantastic progress in three weeks and is already a super dog and has the potential to become an absolutely fabulous dog. He still has to do a lot of catching up as he missed out on all the training that he should have received in his first year but he is on a steep learning curve and loves to get it right. He thrives on praise and rewards.

Car travel has not improved, he is very reactive in the car and this needs some further thinking about.

Andrea is going to provide us with regular update on this super boy and has asked us to stress that he will need a very competent, experienced handler/home and would probably suit a working home such as obedience and/or working trials.

If you are interested in rehoming him please contact Sue Gibbons on 01444 453302
Or John 01932 571268

Rico has come for a holiday with John in in Chertsey Surrey for 2 weeks whilst his foster mum has a holiday.

Rico's story
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Rico - 14 months old male; black and tan
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