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 Bosco 7 y/o B/T

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PostSubject: Bosco 7 y/o B/T   Thu Apr 24, 2014 6:22 am

Bosco came into rescue due to his owner relocating to Asia. Bosco originally came from Hungary- still entire, a lovely boy when he gets to know you.
Walks nicely on a lead.
He can be vocal towards other dogs but it's just noise but he would probably be better as the only dog.

Bosco wasn't doing very well in kennels at all & was hurting himself so he is now in foster with John in Chertsey, Surrey.

C'mon Unkle John, gissa me ball back!


Can I go in yet??  

No??? Ok then, I'll nick this ball instead .

I need a drink!!

Actually, this tastes better!!  

Who's in here then??

From John:
After a good nights kip and his food the boy has chilled out and now spends time sleeping which appears to be one of his pastimes.  He slept on my bed and the armchair and was up for cuddles this morning. Yesterday when Colin delivered him here we did try him meeting another dog (Tara) which didn't go well but hopefully time will tell. Most of the time I forget he's even in the house.

All enquiries about Bosco call Sue Gibbons on 01444 453302 or John 01932 571268

Bosco's story
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Bosco 7 y/o B/T
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