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 Gizmo 3yr old gsd x

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PostSubject: Gizmo 3yr old gsd x    Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:30 pm

Gizzmo is in West Oxfordshire under the control of the dog warden. Please contact John in the first instance by phone for rehoming 01932 571268.

Please can we find Gizmo a new home?

Here is the dog wardens findings of him:
Gizmo's owner has been through treatment for cancer. As a result, it has left his owner with not much strength and unable to walk him now etc.

She has owned Gizmo since he was a puppy, and it is heart breaking for her to make this decision to re-home him. However she just doesn’t have the strength to walk him and also has a few other health issues now. I have confirmed this.

Gizmo is a 3 year old Labrador cross gsd.

He will be 4 in August 2014.

Gizmo is black, tan and has white under belly and on tips of paws.

He is neutered, fully up to date with all vaccinations, and is micro chipped.

He has been living in  a home with his owner. She does have older children but they are all in their 20's. Her niece comes and plays with Gizmo but again she is 16 yrs old.

Not been near any cats so cannot comment if cat friendly.

Gizmo has been fed dried food.

Gizmo is a very friendly dog, but due to his age, he is very lively still and bounces around, he gets very excited, - he is very much puppy like still.

He is good with his commands and sits etc when told.

I know this dog, and spent an hour in his house, and all he wanted was his ball and a belly rub…

He absolutely loves his ball play him, and will concentrate more on the  ball than other dogs if its ball time.

He has been ok with other dogs when off lead, if someone is near to him throwing a ball for their dog he will also run after it.

Gizmo is a mummy's boy and so when on lead, he can be protective when other dogs come near.

He is strong on lead due to his liveliness, but he also hasn’t been walked properly for a number of weeks now.

Gizmo has come from a only dog household.

Gizmo would do well in a house with no kids (not because he's aggressive, but simply because he is so lively and bouncy)

Unable to confirm what he's like with cats.

He is ok with dogs off lead, but protective towards owner when on lead.

Please can we help place Gizmo… and help him and his owner. Any chance of a foster home?? - as this will be a bit upsetting for both owner and dog.

Gizmo's story
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Gizmo 3yr old gsd x
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