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 Jet - 18 months

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PostSubject: Jet - 18 months    Wed Jan 29, 2014 1:02 am

Jet came in rescue in November but hasn't been doing too well in kennels so he is now in short term foster with John in Chertsey, Surrey.
This is what Colin who transported him had to say about Jet:
He looks approx 18 - 20 mth old, still entire but is one of the most friendliest dogs I have ever met
He will sit, give a paw etc but hasn't had much in the way of any lead training but he is just so scrummy & one of the easiest dogs I have ever had the pleasure to handle. He really is adorable.

In kennels:

From Colin again:
Sadly, our boy Jet isn't doing too well in kennel & kinda needs out NOW.
I took my old mate for walkabout today & he certainly wasn't the the same boy I took for a walk 2 weeks ago.
He was exceptionally quiet, quite lethargic, with a glazed look in his eyes.
He has lost a lot of weight as well which shows that he is not fairing well in kennels at all & urgently needs a home to call his own.

After approx 40 minutes of walking (during which time you wouldn't even know you were walking a dog as the lead it was sooo slack), he picked up a plastic bottle & started to carry it around with him & very slowly, a glimmer of the old Jet started to come back.

Unfortunately, it didn't last long & I feel that this expression says it all, the boy is hurting inside.

So we sat down for about 5 minutes, just having some downtime together & he did perk up when he heard a train coming but it didn't last for long.

This lovely boy so deserves a break from kennels, can you help him even with foster until he gets his new forever home or even better, be the one to give him that home for him to prove what a cracking boy he is.
I will highlight that this boy 'normally' is no couch potato & needs to be kept occupied, hence the reason why kennel life is not doing him any favours.
I wouldn't say that Jet has completely given up yet but if he continues in his current state of mind, I don't think it would be long.
1 of the other Vigil volunteers said: We are all extremely worried about this boy. He is now skin and bone and, personally, I don't know how much longer he will be able to continue in the kennel environment.

From John:
Jet is now in foster with me in Chertsey Surrey.  My 2 nephews were here helping me with my gardening and he very quickly made friends with them as he did here with Rex and Tara, 2 Vigil dogs also looking for their new homes.

Last night Jet slept on my bed with his other half Tara. Earlier on he started playing with a kong and grabbing hold of Tara by the neck to instigate play to which she was up for. He has a passion for food and one has to be careful when putting his food down or giving him treats to make sure he knows where the food finishes and my hand starts.

That just shows how being in a foster home has lifted this boys spirits already, can you imagine how good he will look in a forever home?

If you can offer a foster or forever home for this lovely boy please contact John: 01932 571268
or Sue Gibbons on 01444 453302

Jet's story
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Jet - 18 months
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