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 Albert 8 month old

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PostSubject: Albert 8 month old   Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:29 am

Albert has come into rescue because he is living with children and has become very bouncy and is knocking them over, so we will not rehome him with children under 16 as he does need someone who is experienced.

The family that have just given him up today only got him 2 days ago after being told lies that he was suitable with no problems. The family husband and wife (2 police officers) rang to talk to the previous owner who now admits that she was lying to get rid of Albert.

This is what 1 of the vigil volunteers said about him:
Well, I took this handsome young lad over to Mary's of Pawfect Dog School so that we could have a good look at him and assess him. We wanted to see if there were any problems a new prospective owner may have and as there had already been an inquiry about him and they potentially want to come and see him on Wednesday, I felt we had to be absolutely sure what we were dealing with as this poor boy has been through so much already.

Anyway, this boy is an absolute gem. A very special dog indeed. There is absolutely no bad in this dog. What he is, however, is an extremely intelligent boy who is desperate to learn and is extremely keen to learn.

This dog is no couch potato and if you're looking for an obedience or working trials dog, you won't go far wrong with this lad.

He is going to be a tall dog. And because of his life experience so far (or rather lack of it) will not be suitable for homing with young children. And an experienced GSD home is an absolute must in order to get the best out of this incredibly promising boy.

If you want any more info please call John: 01932 571268

Albert's story
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Albert 8 month old
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