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 Urgent Help Needed Chichester

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PostSubject: Urgent Help Needed Chichester   Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:37 am

Can anyone help please, I have copied the below from Facebook:

Anyone in the Chichester Area. Over 25 Can you help? Volunteers needed at The Old Garden Animal Rescue Centre,
Highleigh Road, Siddlesham,West Susses, PO20 7NN. The Sanctuary is flooded. Owner Irene Clarke almost drowned
when she fell into the fast flowing river, and caught her foot in the rung of a ladder and was dragged under,
wearing wellies they filled up with water and the weight almost drowned her.
The sanctuary is funded by selling eggs but the bad weather has put the Rescue Centre in Crisis.
Anyone bored, retired or fed up with being at home all day, if you are close by The Old Garden Rescue Centre needs
people cleaning and feeding rescued animals and chickens,please go and offer your services.
Please ring Irene 0777 5670 819 . Donations desperately needed. No email but see web.


I have found the website and put details here of the area: The Animal Rescue Centre is based at The Old Gardens, situated in the
village of Highleigh, close to Sidlesham, to the south of Chichester, West Sussex

If anyone could help Irene that would be brilliant .
Thank you
Splodge Surprised
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Urgent Help Needed Chichester
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